St.Joseph's Convent Sr. Sec.School
Sagar Cantt, Sagar Madhya Pradesh
About Us- Our School Motto

Every institution has its own motto to give it a special identity. This motto is inscribed within the emblem which is special to a school, an institution or an organization. A student studying at St. Joseph's Convent must know his / her motto, the meaning of the school emblem and be worthy of it.
Inscribed within the shield are the words "VIRTUE ALONE ENNOBLES" What makes girl / boy noble is not her / his education or the colour of her/his skin or the race to which

she / he belongs. It is her / his character which is formed by the practice of certain virtues. Inculcating these virtues is a life long task. So a student of St. Joseph's has to work at becoming noble all through her / his life. She / he can not take a holiday from this work. Wherever she / he goes and what ever she / he does, she / he must remember this important work of becoming noble through the practice of virtues. It is her/ his prerogative to be kind, gentle, respectful, helpful, cheerful, hard working and enthusiastic at all times. This is what makes her / him different from others. This is what makes her / him noble and great.

The LILY in the emblem is symbolic of our patron, St. Joseph. Like the lily, a student of St. Joseph's gives to others the soft fragrance of her / his goodness The whiteness of the lily signifies the purity of her / his thought, word and actions.

She / he will do or say nothing that will hurt God or her / his neighbour. She / he unfolds and blooms like the lily at all times and in all places.

The interwined letters "S" and "J" stand for 'SAINT JOSEPH' whose qualities the students should imitate and develop. Like St. Joseph a student is always available for service in a quiet and humble way.
A student puts her / his faith in God the loving Father and looks for ways and means to please Him. Thus she / he becomes a true child of God and a worthy student of St. Joseph's Convent, Like St. Joseph she/ he is sensitive to the feelings of others and careful for their welfare.

The life of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery is directed towards one goal, to strive to bring about the union of all people with one another and with God our Father.
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